Missions 2023

Dear Church,

Uncommon Love has stirred something deep in the hearts of our Horizon people. We have been thrilled to receive testimonies of God renewing and moulding hearts, of relationships being restored and loved ones turning back to the loving arms of the Father.

As we place our attention this month to those beyond our own communities, the uncommon love of God towards all people invites us to open our hearts and see how we can partner with the good work He is doing.

In Isaiah 61:1 we see that the Good News is not only a powerful proclamation but it is also accompanied by practical works to liberate, heal and restore the lives of those who need it most. When we as a community of believers pray and give sacrificially to the work we read about in these pages, we believe that God will multiply our offering and miraculously provide above and beyond what we can.

Thank you for your faithful generosity, Horizon Church. We may never meet the recipients of our Missions offering in this lifetime, but our prayer and gift will echo into their eternities.

With love, Brad and Ali Bonhomme
Senior Pastors,
Horizon Church