What We Value



 Christ Centred

Jesus is the centre of our church.  We preach Jesus.  We worship Jesus.  We love Jesus.  Horizon Church seeks to connect people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Word Based

The Bible holds centre place in our lives and guides what we believe and do.

Spirit Led

We believe that as we allow the Holy Spirit to reveal His purposes and to presence Himself among His Church, people’s lives will be transformed.  Our leadership is Spirit-led and our activities and programs are Spirit directed.



    We love and value people because Jesus loved and valued people. Horizon is much more than just a crowd on a Sunday, we aim to cultivate authentic relationship and community. We are a strong and healthy church family.

    Living generously

    We believe that contributing is far better than consuming and that giving is much better than getting.  Therefore, we use our time, talents and treasure in ways that will bring blessing and benefit to others.

    Genuine worship encounters

    Our worship teams are talented and value excellence.  Every week they lead us into God’s presence with anointing and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, allowing space for God’s presence to move and for people to encounter His goodness.

    Living life from a position of grace

    We serve from a position of grace, recognising that our works do not make us closer to God.  It is our intention to grow a healthy and strong church, that serves from a position of rest and not stress.

    Discipleship and leadership development

    Our leadership recognises the importance of discipleship in people’s lives and provide various opportunities in which our congregation can be discipled and trained.  We have a very active internship program in addition to our highly effective leadership training courses and streams.

    Being a multi-generational church

    We value the contribution that all generations bring to Horizon Church.  There is a place for every person of every age and stage of life within our church family.  We love, honour and esteem every generation in our church and are committed to releasing the next generation.



    Horizon Church is part of Australian Christian Churches (formerly known as AOG), a movement of more than 1000 Australian Pentecostal churches in voluntary cooperation.  Each church is self-governing, but commits itself to work together with other churches in the movement for the purpose of mutual support and the spread of the gospel in Australia and the world.


    For more information on What We Believe & the Doctrinal Basis of Australian Christian Churches visit https://www.acc.org.au/about-us/